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Interchange Plus Pricing Structure
Payment Solutions is confident that we can offer you the absolute best pricing structure available today.  If you are currently accepting credit cards take out your last statement.  Most likely you are on a 3-tier pricing structure set by your current processor.  Does the statement look confusing?  Probably.  

8% of card processing companies use what is called 3-tier pricing.  It works like this:

Your Qualified Rate will always be the best rate offered by your processing company.  When you see Additional fees on your statement they represent the fee added for Mid-Qual and Non-QualTransactions.  Now, add the additional amount to your “Qualified” rate and you will have the total cost You incurred on that transaction(s).  On average 1.5% extra is added to your Qualified rate for Mid-Qualified transactions; and, 2.5% extra is added to your Qualified rate for Non-Qualified transactions.  So that low rate of 1.69% now can end up being over 4%!

Our  pricing is completely transparent.  We offer you the exact price that Visa and Mastercard charge for every possible card type.  You will ALWAYS receive the lowest possible price!  We receive a flat processing fee on the volume of business processed.  

Working with Payment Solutions is easy.  There is no need to change banks or the way you do business. Free equipment is available (requires a $99.00 refundable deposit) or we can re-program your existing equipment.   Thank you for your time today.  I look forward to helping you set up your new account.

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Qualified Discount Rate (generally for swiped, non-rewards cards)
- This is what they quote you when you ask for their rate!
Mid-Qualified (generally for keyed entries and reward cards)
-  Up to 60% of your transactions will fall into this category.
Non-Qualified (everything that does not meet the above criteria)
Payment Solutions is confident that we can offer you the absolute best pricing structure available.  The interchange Plus Pricing Structure which means a huge savings for our merchants. 

Interchange Plus Pricing At Payment Solutions


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