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Looking to be a distributor?  Fill out the form below.  
Please fill out our email form and let us know more about you and your business needs, as well as what type of business relationship you are looking for with Payment Solutions.

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We currently have opportunities all across the US.  Our residual commission structure is very competitive with many of the major credit card processing companies out there.

It is not necessary that you have experience in the credit card processing industry, but sales experience is preferred.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship and hope to get you on board right away!

​Sandy Logomasini,
Payment Solutions
" We understand and know what merchants need and what their customers need as well.  We have great relationships with our customers because we treat each and every one with great care, time, and patience.  We also understand how hard it is to get a customers, so we do everything we can to help keep it that way.  If you lose a customer, we lose a customer. "  

Sandy Logomasini, 
Owner / Operator
Payment Solutions

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