The New Generation of ATM Machines - Cashless Scrip ATM's will Increase Your bottom Line With A FREE - ABSOLUTELY FREE Cashless ATM Machine!

Every time a 
"swipes" their "plastic"
Generate additional revenue for your retail store or business by adding a point-of-banking system. These “cashless” ATM's allow you to run PIN-based transactions for your customers so that they can withdraw money on their account when they make a purchase.

Point of Banking systems are designed to work with your customer’s debit, ATM, and credit cards, giving them access to their cash and allowing them to spend more inside your store. Point of Banking machines are similar to standard credit card processing machines. The difference is the terminal is loaded with a custom software program so it only runs PIN based transactions with a small convenience fee that the cardholder pays. This fee serves to pay for the processing costs incurred. YOU WILL BE PUTTING MONEY IN THEIR HANDS TO SPEND AND SPEND MORE AT YOUR BUSINESS AND IT'S NOT GOING TO COST YOU ANYTHING...NO FEE'S!

Why would your company benefit from POB Cashless ATM's?
1.)  Eliminate all credit card fees!
2.)  You will still be offering your customers the ability to use a credit or debit card.  (small fee will apply unlike a traditional ATM, where a much higher surcharge will apply) 

Not everyone qualifies for or carries credit cards with them. In fact, over 80 million consumers cannot qualify for a credit card, so they rely on their ATM cards. Adding a point-of-banking system to your store provides convenience for your customers because they don’t have to go to the bank to get cash, or use an ATM that charges them an outrageous fee.

Extra Revenue with virtually No Hassle.   How?  
You have one of two options to gain extra revenue.

1.) The "You Handle it Option" 
With this option you will slide your customer’s Bank/ATM card through the terminal and have them enter their PIN number via the external pin pad. This terminal uses a debit card or credit card, the user must have a pin number for which ever card they choose to use.  The merchant will then give their customer their choice of pre selected cash keys to select from and the transaction is then completed.

OR ... 
2.) "Let your Customer Handle It" Option - 
For this point of banking program, the terminal will face your customer.  All you need to do is receive the approved ticket and your job it complete.  This program works just like a regular ATM machine in that there will be pre selected cash keys.  

You can earn revenue with each transaction and there’s no cost to you for the equipment (if you opted for our free terminal program) This Point of Banking option is a PIN based transaction (cardholder must use their PIN number) for dollar amounts in increments of $5, $10, or $20. The amounts available are pre-set by you, so you can control the amount of cash that is kept in your register.

If you want to increase your bottom line with a point-of-banking system, and you are looking for an honest, trustworthy partner that can provide you with a solution then contact Payment Solutions today! YOU WILL BE PUTTING MONEY IN THEIR HANDS TO SPEND AND SPEND MORE AT YOUR BUSINESS AND IT'S NOT GOING TO COST YOU ANYTHING...NO FEE'S!

Why Point of Banking?

  • Small monthly statement fee of $2.50
  • Earn money on each transaction.
  • Does not require a change from current bank.
  • Guaranteed bank transfers.
  • No maintenance is necessary.
  • Free employee training available.
  • Eliminates the liability of a cash machine
  • Signage for maximum exposure
  • Cashless system is safe and secure.
  • Proven System
  • No Extra phone line needed
  • No Contract (Month to Month)-No Cancellation Fee.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • No Start Up Fee's or Application Fee's.
  • No Paper Cost

Point of Banking

 Who is using Point 
of Banking Systems?

  •  Fast Food Restaurants
  •  Convenient Stores
  •  Gas Stations
  •  Bingo Halls
  •  Liquor stores
  •  Movie Theaters
  •  Bowling Centers
  •  Night Clubs or Bars
  •  Tourist Areas
  •  Hotels & Motels
  •  Drive Thru Beverage stores
  •  Donut Shops
  •  Barber Shops
  •  Cafes and Restaurants
  •  Ice Cream Shops
  • Laundromats 
  • Beauty Salons 
  • Non-Profit Organizations

...And Lots More.  For a full list of the many industries who can benefit from a POB terminal (click here)  

- Increase Your Bottom Line -
How?  With a Free - Absolutely 
FREE Point of Banking Machine!
Every time a customer swipes 
their plastic, You get Paid!

They spend More in your store!
It's FREE and it makes You Money!

Selected Credit Card 
Processing Equipment 
  & Other Equipment Options.
We now offer wireless options as well.  
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Did You Know?
Most companies charge a monthly $10 statement fee, and that's all you get for $10.

We give you so much more for just $2.50 per month ...

We Provide Our Customers:
  • Toll-Free Tech Support
  • Monthly Statement Mail-outs
  • Free Scrip Paper Supplies
  • Ongoing ATM Replacement
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty (for as long as you use our Top Rated Bank Processing Services!)
  • Free on line monitoring

What is Cashless ATM Services / POB?

Increase Your Bottom Line!
Make Money On Every 
Put more money in your customers hands with our
ATM Machine.  Learn About Our POB/Cashless ATM services -
NO FEE'S we promise.

Cashless ATM Machines (also known as Scrip ATM Machines

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