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Payment Solutions offers many options for traditional ATMs. Whether you’re interested in buying or leasing, or a Free Placement for qualified locations, we've got the ATM for you.   Whether you’re putting a machine in your retail store or looking to launch an ATM business of your own, we have a program that fits your needs. And we support your investment with signs, parts and supplies too!  Standalone and Through-The-Wall ATMs available. 

ATM Machines - Sales & Leases : Payment Solutions is your answer!

All ATMs include:
✔ Free shipping with lift gate service
✔ Free installation

✔ Free Training
✔ Free 24-hour customer service/tech support
✔ Free real-time monitoring and reporting
✔ Free marketing, couponing, and advertising
✔ Indoor/outdoor sign packages
✔ Lifetime warranties

✔ Secure state of the art network processing 

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Our ATM Solutions include:
✔ ATM Custom Graphics
Below are some 
Custom ATM Graphics
(click on thumbnails below for larger view)
SPECIAL OFFER: We’ll create a FREE custom ATM screen for you when you purchase or lease an ATM. It’s just one more service we offer that other ATM companies can’t touch.
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Benefits of an ATM Machine at your Business location:  

Increased customer traffic
According to the American Bankers Association, 66 percent of all ATMs in the United States are privately owned machines located in retail establishments. Those ATMs process more than 10 billion transactions a year. Customers who need cash will look for your ATM sign and come into your business.

Increased sales
Now that more customers are coming to your store to use your ATM, many
of them will spend some of
the cash they withdraw 
in your business. 
According to a recent 
study,  ATM users
 spend an average 
of 25 percent 
more than non-ATM 

Reduced credit-
card fees
More of your customers 
will withdraw money 
from your ATM and pay 
you with cash instead 
of a credit card. 
By increasing the 
number of cash 
transactions and 
reducing the number 
of credit-card transactions you have every month, you will pay less in processing fees. Most customers reduce their monthly credit-card processing fees by an average of 30 percent.

Surcharge revenue
Every time a customer uses your ATM, you receive a transaction fee, or “surcharge”, of about $2.00.* The average ATM Network customer earns around $400 a month this way; some higher-traffic locations earn thousands.

*The surcharge amount is decided by you, and varies by region. The national average is $2.00.
ATM Upgrade Options

✔ ATM Wrapping 
ATMs have a lot of advantages. But when it comes to color, let’s face it: They’re basically beige or gray. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can paint it with a color of your choice to give it some personality and make it fit in better with your business. For slightly more we can wrap your ATM in durable panels printed with any color or graphic you choose, making your ATM an active part of your branding and marketing strategy.

✔ Advertising Screens
Turn your ATM into a marketing tool with professionally-designed screen images.
Each screen is custom-built by our in-house designers, not some clerk with a drawing program. Splash screens, advertising screens — we do them all. Have a logo? We’ll display it. Don’t have a logo? We’ll design one for you.
You'll need an ATM with the capability to do on-screen advertising. Check the list above to be sure you either have or are purchasing a compatible machine. Then choose your design package.
Each package includes a design consultation and one round of revisions, the files mailed to you on a USB drive or SD card that you can keep, plus tech support for installing the screens on your machine.
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✔ Make your older ATM Internet-capable with an ATM wireless adapter 
Along with faster processors and bigger screens, modern ATMs can access our processing network over your high-speed Internet line. Doing so has three advantages:
  •  Faster processing. A high-speed connection can process a transaction is 3 seconds, compared with an average of 22 seconds using dial up.
  •  No phone line needed. Getting rid of your ATM’s dedicated phone line can save you up to $40 a month.
  •  Increased reliability. No more busy signals, dropped calls or worries about noise on the line.
That’s great if you’ve got a newer machine, but what about owners with older equipment? 
Payment Solutions has you covered. We’ve come up with a box to add Internet capability to your ATM. It’s a “plug and play” solution that plugs into your Internet router and your ATM.
Because older ATMs have older circuitry, retrofitted machines won’t see processing time drop to 3 seconds. But it will shave a few seconds off the current time. And it delivers the other two advantages: increased reliability and ditching the dedicated phone line.
This isn’t some cobbled-together, untested pile of circuitry. We’ve had the box installed in multiple locations for more than a year and a half, with great success and reliability.
And you can’t beat the price: $300. Compare that to spending $2,000 or more for a new ATM. The savings from getting rid of the phone line means the box will pay for itself in less than 8 months.
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✔ Wireless Adapters
Want to take your ATM to an event, festival or convention? Do you have the perfect location for an ATM in your store, but don’t want the hassle or expense of installing an Internet connection? Our wireless adapter is for you! It’s a plug-and-play box that lets your ATM process transactions through a secure nationwide CDMA cellular network, so you have a connection no matter where you go.
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ATM Leasing 
We have a variety of ATM leasing plans available for business owners who either can’t afford to pay for a new ATM machine in full or simply don’t want to.
Benefits of leasing  
There are many benefits to leasing an ATM rather than purchasing it up front. Because your customers are paying you every time they use your ATM, by applying the surcharge revenue to the monthly payments for the ATM your customers are actually paying for the machine.
✔  90 Day No Pay.  We have several “zero down” ATM machine lease programs available. One of our more popular programs is our 90 Day No Pay lease, which puts an ATM machine into your business with no payments due for 90 days. You get to collect the surcharge profits for three months without having to make any payments on the ATM. Lease terms for this program range from 12 months to 60 months.
✔  Six-month No Pay.  Another popular lease program is our 6 Month No Pay lease. Under this program, you get six full months before any payments are due, and you have the option of paying off the ATM after the six-month period with no interest and no pre-payment penalty. If you decide not to buy the ATM after the six-month period, you can let it roll into a low monthly payment. Lease terms for this program range from 12 months to 48 months.
Requirements :  Basic requirements for most ATM leases are at least two years of business ownership and good credit. For businesses that have been owned less than two years we offer a new-business lease program.
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Are you a current customer and
need repair or maintenance on your ATM?

Why does your business need an ATM machine?  There are many benefits.  When your customers need to get cash, where do they go? Whether you are in the convenience store, grocery or hospitality industry, an ATM is an essential part of your profit equation. People do not go to banks and stand in line to get cash the way they used to; instead, they look for retail locations that have ATMs.

Owning your own ATM cash machine is like having another profit center in your business. With lease payments as low as $69 per month, even low-traffic locations can see a substantial return on investment.

At Payment Solutions, customer service is a two-part concept. First, we make it easy for you to add an ATM to your place of business. Second, we make sure that your ATM is set up to be profitable and hassle-free.
Not sure you’re ready to buy an ATM? No problem. We have various leasing programs available. If that’s still too much commitment, we have placement programs where you supply the space and we take care of everything else. Want to start your own ATM business? We can help with that, too.
After the ATM is installed, we provide all the services you need to keep it going. For many owners, installing an ATM is a plug-and-play operation. You plug it in, and we take care of nearly everything else.
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ATM Sales
We carry all the top models from the top manufacturers, 
like Hantle (Tranax), Triton and Hyosung. We’ve got 
standalone and “through the wall” machines. We’ve got 
no-frills models to fit a tight budget and high-end 
PC-activated machines that can deliver advertising, 
coupons and more. Click here to view some of the 
current ATM machines we offer.  You can also choose 
to lease instead of buy, or go for a no-cost placement 
instead (for qualifying locations only.  Call to see if your 
location qualifies today)
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Monthly Specials Available.  Call or email us today for more details.  
Payment Solutions is now on Facebook.  Click Here To Learn More
Payment Solutions is now on Facebook.  Click Here To Learn More
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