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- Increase Your Bottom Line while ditching those nasty credit card fees -
How?  With a Free - Absolutely FREE Cashless ATM Machine!
Every time a customer swipes their plastic, You get Paid!
They spend More in your store!
It's FREE and it makes You Money!
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Our Merchant Services Include:
" When Sandy approached me about taking merchant and credit card services for my business, I was alittle hesitant because of all the stories about the huge fees involved.  I reluctantly agreed, and later was pleasantly surprised to know that Sandy wasn't worried about her bottom line, but instead about doing what is right for the customer all the time.  I put her philosophy to work for my business and have prospered year after year.  Thanks Sandy, for letting me know you were always looking out for me! "

Martin O., Payment Solutions Client
ODDS ,LLC Owner & Operator
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Whether leasing 
or buying, we have 
the perfect ATM solution for your 
retail location.  

We now offer in house financing.

Give us a call and ask the representative for details.  We make it so easy to purchase your ATM.

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We have a merchant card services solution for nearly every business.  Provide us with your credit card statement, and let us show you how we can save you money.  We have very competitive pricing  

- Our Mission - 
To deliver exceptional support and service to merchants for their Transaction Processing Needs.

We want our customers to have the confidence that Payment Solutions is conducting business with integrity and care, while supplying products and/or merchant payment solutions focused solely on helping our clients to make the right choice for their particular business needs.

Our vision is to continuously develop our presence; to make well know our ethical and honest approach  to doing business - that our merchants have complete Confidence and Trust in our company.   

Sandy Logomasini, Owner & Operator, Payment Solutions 
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Credit Card Equipment Merchant Information ... Learn More
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